Operation Slim Jim (UPDATE) – 08 Sep 2012


Weighed in day today.  Lost a little but it has been less than a week and I did sneak in some chocolate TimTams and some yummy jam biscuits!

Anyway, still on track just hope I can keep it up.  Visit next week to see if I’m still on track.  Mind you though I do have a pizza Sunday to attend, yum….pizza!!

Todays Stats

Weight:               66.4 Kilograms
Waist Measurement:    90.5 CM
Date:                 08 September 2012


My goal is to get down to 60 kilograms over the next 6 months.

9 thoughts on “Operation Slim Jim (UPDATE) – 08 Sep 2012

  1. sobevegchick

    You’re doing it, Mark, good for you! Sounds goofy at first but have you tried cheeseless thin crust pizza loaded with extra sauce and tons of veggies? Add some red pepper flakes and garlic powder and it’s deeelish! Not to mention it saves 1/3rd of the calories. Let me know if you try it!

    1. sobevegchick

      Had some tonite! Another little tip is that you can add a “better for you cheese” such as feta. What are some of your fave modified for Operation Slim Jim foods?

    2. Mark Elliott

      My tips: Pizza made from small pita breads with small amount of cheese, a little ham and capsicum. A smidge of sauce to add flavour to the base.
      Eat one with a salad and glass of cool water. Sometimes I add pineapple and pine nuts.

    3. SobeVegChick

      Heyyy! How’s the progress comin? Had some “good for you” ahem, “better for you” cheese last nite. Feta arugula flatbread pizza. Yummm! Thought of u 🙂 How do u keep the pita from getting soggy?

  2. sobevegchick

    That sounds deelish! I’m actually starting a 60 day fitness challenge on the 1st and I’d luv u to join. Though of u for this bc u really seem interested in making a positive change for yourself. I also coach people on their fitness journey (this is free btw). I can email or Facebook u more info if u want. Sound like a plan?

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