PictureCorrect.Com – These Photos of a Ukrainian Roofer Will Give You Vertigo

These Photos of a Ukrainian Roofer Will Give You Vertigo

When people think of being a professional photographer, they don’t often think of it as being a high risk career. But, once taking a look at these photographs one might reconsider. The subject, aUkrainian roofer, risks his life by climbing and hanging from towering buildings and scaffolding. The brave photographer follows suit, putting his own life in danger to create the images you see below:

ukrainian skywalker

man risks life by hanging from side of building

brave photographer captures friend

Ukrainian roofer photos

extreme roofer captured in photographs

man climbs buildings with no harness

photographer seeks birds eye vew

daring photographer suspended above city

extreme sports photography

thrilling photography

incredible photos of roofer

skywalking photos

Many find the images nauseating to look at, much less partake in; however, it appears as though these types of high risk activities are on the rise. The Ukrainians are not the first to do this type of stunt. In fact, this group of daredevil photographers is not unlike the group of Russian skywalkers we featured in a previous article. These collections make you ask yourself: At what point does getting the photo stop becoming worth it?

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