Operation Slim Jim – 05 Sep 2012


Summer time is almost here; well in a few months anyway.   However, spring is here and it’s time to lose that winter flab gained during my hibernation period.

I usually hibernate during the winter and tend not to take many photographs as it’s just way too cold!   After losing 15 Kilograms the previous year, I put on 3 Kilos over the winter.

Well it is time to take action!   As of today (05 September 2012); “Operation Slim Jim” is in effect.

I will document my weight loss in the lead up to summer and if anyone is interested you can follow my progress right here.   My goal is to lose some weight and get more energetic so I am ready to snap away with my camera over the summer holidays.

Weigh in times will be in the AM on each Saturday so if your interested check back on a regular basis.


Start Weight:               67 Kilograms
Start Waist Measurement:    92.5 CM
Start Date:                 05 September 2012


My goal is to get down to 60 kilograms over the next 6 months.
Below is how much I need to lose 6.7 Kilograms (1 Bag = 1Kg)

For those that have tried to lose weight in the past, you all know it ain’t easy and there are many temptations put in our path!

Before & After

Come and join me in my adventure and just maybe we can all lose that winter coat and get on the right track for a healthier life.

Mark Elliott



08 September 2012