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Photography Contracts

Protecting yourself and your work as a photographer should be at the forefront of any photographer’s to-do list. Yet, many of us often overlook this facet of running a business. Contacting and working with a lawyer who specializes in business law can help you protect yourself from dishonest and disagreeable clients should a problem arise. Despite which genre of photography your work happens to fall in–perhaps you are a multi-faceted photographer–having a solid contract that is suited to your specific needs will take the guess work out of a job for both you and your client. Below, you can find an assortment of pre-made contracts which are available for use, free of charge.

photography contracts

“husband and wife” captured by Gagan Dhiman (Click Image to See More From Gagan Dhiman)

  • Portrait Photography Contract – A plain language contract suitable for use when you will be taking portraits of clients either in the studio or at an event. Includes payment, copyright, and creative license terms.
  • Contract for the Sale of Fine Art Photography – Covers the sellers terms involved in the sale of a piece of fine art photography including but not limited to price, insurance, framing, and a section for an in-depth description of the piece to eliminate any confusion.
  • Gallery Contract for Sale of Photography – This contract is useful for the consignment of photography to a professional gallery and includes sections for sale and payment procedures as well as loss of risk terms.
  • Model Release – A necessary document if you’re working with models and talent. Protects the photographer from potential remuneration claims made by talent.
  • Minor Model Release – Essential model release for working with minors. To be signed by the minors parents or guardian.
  • Licensing Contract to Merchandise Images – Useful for when you wish to sell your images to clients for merchandising rights.

"Fashion" captured by Naim Zion. (Click image by Naim Zion.)

“Fashion” captured by Naim Zion. (Click image by Naim Zion.)

While having contracts made specifically for your business by a licensed attorney is ultimately the safest route to protect yourself, the contracts from above are an excellent starting point. They can be altered to meet your needs and are available for use free of charge. Feel free to download and use the contracts as needed; however, these contracts may not be all inclusive for every type of situation. If at any point you feel they do not meet all your requirements, you may wish to have your own personalized contracts printed. The peace of mind a well written contract will give you is well worth the work.

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